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The first online festival in Latin America

Aurora Home Festival is a different approach.

For this digital edition we evolved into a portal specially designed for you to live during 3 days of transmissions, an amazing experience with visitors from all over the world.
That's how we created it and that's how you're going to live it!




In 3 virtual stages, simultaneously for you to walk freely between them, musicians from all over the world will be transmitting their performances for you to enjoy from your home. You will be able to enjoy dj's, bands and soloists of electronic, trap, indie, rock, hip hop and dance music.

Música, Aurora Festival


Artists from all over the world will exhibit their works in virtual galleries that you can visit during the days of the festival, as well as a live channel with artists creating from their homes. Vj's, photographers, plastic artists, graffiti artists, illustrators and designers of different styles will invade the corners of the festival for you to enjoy them in the company of the Aurora community.

Arte, Aurora Festival


During the 3 days of the festival you will be part of a community that will share artistic and recreational spaces, getting to know each other, interacting and enjoying together. For these meetings and interactions, the festival has sectors of workshops, talks, cinema, virtual camp and even a Bar 2.0, where besides chatting you will be able to meet old and new friends, face to face as they tour the festival.

Comunidad, Aurora Festival


The main objective of Aurora since its conception, is to make a contribution to strengthen our planet. Protecting nature and art is our main purpose. All of us who are part of this festival will be learning and adding to make our world a better place to live.

Música, Aurora Festival

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